Prints? Sure. Print Your Own Camera!


The Instructables site now has something you might not have thought was possible: the full set of information necessary to "print" your next 35mm film camera. That's right, print. As in using a 3D printer to create all the parts necessary for a working 35mm film camera. Better still, it's sort of an SLR and you can make it work with your Nikkor lenses.

The thing I like about this project isn't so much the actual camera itself, but what it suggests about the future of film. High-end audio was saved by the enthusiasts, partly by some with big pocketbooks, partly by others who simply ventured in and created what they wanted. This 3D printed camera is an example of the latter. 

The confluence of Kickstarter and 3D printers bodes well for the future of enthusiast-inspired products that continue to support those that are still interested in film. Indeed, I've put my money where my mouth is and have supported several of these projects, not so much because I wanted the end result, but more because I want to encourage those that are exploring this space.  

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