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The following License Agreement applies to all downloadable books sold by this site (i.e. the Complete Guides to the Nikon F5, F6, and F100).


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1. DEFINITIONS. Unless stated otherwise "you" (and "your") means the individual or legal entity to whom this licence is granted, "we" (also "us", "our") means byThom, copyright owners and licensors of the eBook, and "the eBook" means the eBook known as "Complete Guide to the Nikon [camera_name]", where camera_name is the model name for the camera whose book you ordered.

2. THIS AGREEMENT. a) By downloading, installing, copying or using the eBook on any computer you agree to be bound by the terms of this license agreement, which both grants you rights and imposes obligations upon you. If you disagree with any of the terms of this agreement then you must immediately stop using the eBook and destroy all copies in your possession or on your machines. b) This agreement supersedes any or all previous versions of this license. By downloading or installing new versions of the eBook or by continuing to use the eBook after you receive a copy of this license, you agree to be bound by the current form of this license (this page you are currently reading), and any new or altered terms that may be in the current version of this license.

3. COPYRIGHT: The eBook is copyrighted and you may not copy the eBook except as explicitly stated in this agreement. Full-scale copying of the eBook contents is expressly prohibited. You may not remove, delete, transmit or create derivative works from any of the eBook content. You are permitted to install the eBook on one or more computer systems or reader devices that you own for your own personal use, as specified under the terms of this license, and also to make copies of the eBook for backup purposes. 

4. TERMS OF USE: a) You are granted the right to access all content of the eBook. You may also print pages of the eBook for your personal use and reference. You may create and save comments, highlights and notes as provided by the functionality of your PDF viewing software. b) Except as expressly permitted in this license agreement you may not rent, lease, transfer, post on public sites, or sub-license the eBook without the prior written agreement from us. The eBook is licensed to you, not sold, and we reserve all rights not explicitly granted to you in this license. We and licensors retain title to the eBook and all intellectual property rights therein. c) You agree to protect the eBook from unauthorised use, reproduction, or distribution. You further agree not to translate, decompile, or disassemble the eBook. d) We reserve the right to modify, add or remove content, features and functionality of the eBook at the publisher's sole discretion. e) You acknowledge that the use of the eBook is for your personal use only. Multi-use configurations or network distribution of the eBook are expressly prohibited.

5. TERMINATION: We may terminate this license at any time at our sole discretion by giving you notice in writing and refunding any license fees that you may have paid for the eBook. A breach by you of any of the terms of this license will immediately terminate the license and no refund will be due. You may terminate the license by deleting, destroying or returning all copies of the eBook in your possession; no refund will be made. Any obligations made on you under this agreement not to reveal or distribute confidential or copyrighted information, survive termination of this license.

6. LIABILITY AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: In no event byThom, its agents or distributors shall be liable for any damages whatsoever (including by not limited to loss of information, interruption of business or any other pecuniary loss or consequential loss arising from the the installation, evaluation, or use (or inability to use) the eBook, however such a loss may be incurred.

7. APPLICABLE LAW: This agreement is governed by Pennsylvania law. If any provision of this license agreement or portion thereof is found to be unenforceable you agree to be bound by the remainder of this license agreement.

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