More Repurposing of Big Screen Film


Much of the film production still going is for Hollywood and the cinema, though this, too, is on a downhill path now that we're seeing feature films go digital in both production and distribution. It used to be, however, that there were many companies repurposing cinema film for still photography. Today we heard of one getting ready to do that again.

Cinestill 800 is a tungsten-balanced (3400K) high-speed motion picture film with the Remjet backing removed and then repackaged into 35mm canisters. The resulting film can be processed in C-41 or ECN-2 solutions. The film is native ISO 800, but can be push processed to as high as ISO 3200 if need be (results in higher contrast). 

Because the film is tungsten-balanced, it's really an indoor film. You could shoot it in daylight at ISO 500 with an 85B filter on the lens, though. 

Cinestill also has a listing for another new film, Adox Color Implosion, which is a muted color ISO 100 negative film.

Cinestill Web Site

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