Ilford Opens US Lab

Ilford has opened a new processing, scanning, and printing lab in San Clemente, California. Like its pre-existing twin in Cheshire, United Kingdom, this new mail order lab can process any makers black and white film in the 35mm and 120 formats, though prints are made on Ilford paper only. Turnaround time is said to be two to four days. Prepaid mailers are available from some dealers, or you can order directly through the Web.

Prices include:

  • Develop 36-exposure 35mm: US$12
  • Develop 120 format: US$8
  • 5x7 print upgrade: US$5
  • 2nd set of prints: US$7
  • Scans for Web download: US$10
  • Scans to USB flash drive: US$5
  • Scans to CD: US$16

Shipping is additional. 

Ilford US Lab Web site

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