Fujifilm Prunes Some More Films

I'm not sure it's been announced externally yet, but an internal Fujifilm bulletin from Fujifilm North America Corporation tells of several more films no longer being produced:

  • Provia 400X (Fujifilm recommends Provia 100F as a replacement)
  • Neopan 400 (Fujifilm recommends Neopan 100 Acros as a replacement)
  • Velvia 100F in long roll form (special order; Fujifilm recommends Velvia 100 in long roll as a replacement)

As usual, the culprit behind the discontinuation is listed as "decreases in world-wide global [sic] demand."

The Kodak and Fujifilm choices are now down to 20. (For those that get upset every time I mention a number associated with those two companies, at the moment Ilford seems to be stable, so don't get paranoid and think I'm writing that there are only 20 types of film available on the market. My point has been, and remains, that the two companies that dominated film production are slowly whittling their offerings to the point where we're near bare bones. In this round, we lost two ISO 400 films, leaving only negative film with higher ISO in the Fujifilm lineup, and no color slide film with an ISO greater than 100. 

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