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'Much better than either the manual or the Magic Lantern Guide' -- bob s

'Very well written. I love the tips and humor' -- sherie h

'You have made this camera so easy to understand' -- julie m

'Demystifies the complexities' -- dr. steven s

I've written some of the best and most thorough documentation explaining Nikon film SLRs. My Complete Guides are still available for these film cameras:

These eBooks are in PDF format and can be read on most eReaders, including the Kindle, Nook, Sony, and the iPad . You can also read them on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux machines with a PDF reader. For more information on dealing with the eBook files, see this FAQ page.

All these books are available for download only. To order, just click on the link for their page for the full details.


In addition, I once wrote concise instructions for some of Nikon's older film cameras (in my now out-of-print Nikon Field Guide). I've placed these into pages that you can refer to here (please don't disseminate or copy: just point others to the links here):

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