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Welcome. Starting in 1998, the bythom.com Web site covered Nikon film SLRs and my two original Nikon books that were for those cameras. When Nikon went to only having only the F6 film body still in the lineup here in the US during the DSLR era, I moved all my film SLR coverage here to this separate site where all my articles and books for those products are a little easier to find and navigate. On the older bythom.com sites the digital camera and DSLR coverage was making the film content hard to find.

Here are the latest articles on filmbodies:

Use the menus at the top to navigate amongst the articles and reviews. Not a lot of new film products or information will appear these days, but some do show up every now and then, so there is a news/views section with an RSS feed if you want to keep up with that. If you just want to bookmark a page, I suggest that you bookmark the news/view page. If you want to see all the new articles on the bythom sites, just go to www.bythom.com.

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