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B&H is the exclusive advertiser for this site. If you don't have an adblocker in place, you'll see their ads in the right-hand column on every page, and at the bottom of pages for which products are mentioned in which they still sell those film items. B&H and I have worked to try to make the ads that are served relevant to the information in this site. I see the advertising as much as a service to the reader to help them quickly find items of interest to them. Especially with film, it's getting more and more difficult to find vendors that sell both film and new items related to film use. My hope is that these advertising links will make it easier for you.

Beyond the ease of finding relevant items, clicking on advertising links in this site helps keep this site afloat. If you want this site to continue and to expand (I have plenty more material I can repurpose and put on this site), please help me out by using the B&H advertising links.

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Besides supporting this site by following the advertising links that appear , there's one additional way in which you can support this site. If you order anything from Amazon (US, Canada, or UK), use one of the links below to start a shopping session, and this site receives a small commission from Amazon:

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It's called an Affiliate Program, and those links are part of that. Here's how it works: when you click on those Amazon links, you're taken to the Amazon site with an ID that's passed on identifying that you came from a byThom site ( is owned by byThom). If you purchase something during that session on either site, filmbodies gets a small commission. However, note that the price you pay for something from these vendors is always the same whether or not you started on my site or not, thus, you're essentially diverting a small portion of what you pay from the vendor to me, not paying more to support me.

Why does Amazon do that? It's a form of advertising, basically, plus it helps their search engine optimization. They're looking for continuous visibility on sites, and are willing to pay a portion of their sales proceeds for that. The fact that they can directly track where their sales come from helps them better target their future advertising and marketing dollars. The extra links to their site helps them with search engine optimization.

Why do I do it? As I said, to help defray the costs of running this and my other sites. By making Support this Site link on every page, I hope to generate enough revenue to continue adding new content to this site and eventually offer more complicated and time-consuming things I can't do now (e.g. videos). Heck, it might eventually allow me to hire some help that'll allow me to greatly increase the content of these sites.

The Support this Site program is entirely voluntary on your part, and there's no other hidden relationship between me and Amazon. If you use Support this Site, I get a small percentage of your purchase price, and that's the only thing I get. If you don't use Support this Site, you pay the same price as if you had. So it's your choice. If you're going to order something from Amazon you can support me or not.

One small thing, though: you have to start your ordering from a link on this site and complete that order in your current session for me to get any money. If you put an item into your wish list, or you let your Web session with the vendor expire (usually after an hour or two), or leave something in your cart overnight, the affiliate link is dropped and I get nothing. 

Thanks for your support. It really will help me make this site better over time.

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